About Us

PNI News is  the most modern Multi-lingual wire service, owned and operated by a team of professional Journalists.  Press Network of India, a registered society owns PNI News. Members of Press Network of India are carefully drawn from the Journalists across the country.

PNI News serves all facets of the media-print, visual, electronic, and ensures you are a step ahead in news. We are a minute ahead of the fastest wire service.

As said above PNI is a complete news agency equipped to serve print, electronic and visual media. We serve text, video coverage, photos at a startling speed. Before you think of any news, it reaches you with all fine points.

We promise you a news revolution.

We are here with the next generation technology to get you the latest from across the nation, that too in your own language. We know your taste and we always keep you a step ahead of the most updated brain.

 You could be a politician, a businessman, an academician, a news reporter, a researcher or a professional in need of regular information updating. Then we are your right choice.

We are the choice of the media in general and the small time players in particular, who are struggling to survive due to the fiscal constraints.

Many of the publications are unable to compete with the corporate media players in news gathering. PNI has a solution to these hapless owners. We have service in the language of your choice, at an affordable cost.

 We are concerned of your survival as a print publication.

 PNI News is the best solution for the electronic media. There are hundreds of thousands of web news portals, most of them starving for news, for they are neither financially fit nor professionally competent. Our service will be available to them as per their need, at a minimal cost.

Our visual service is a boon to the small time TV broadcasters, who cannot afford to deploy an army of reporters to compete the big time players with deep pockets.

PNI is here to help those channels in distrust. Our latest IP technology has made things easier, cheaper and affordable to all. We get video feed even from the far-flung and hilly area like North-Eastern states, Sikkim etc. Our visuals will reach you almost the same second an incident occurs.

In short, for the majority of the publications, news channels and portals who are unable afford bureaus outside their home city, PNI is an effective solution.

PNI Personalized service:  We are here to serve you as per your need. Not just news, views and other specific information of their choice.

We keep building data bank and also have information from every source.

Our Strength: You can spot a PNI member reporter anywhere..

PNI News has its presence in all 709 districts spread across 29 states and 7 union territories.

PNI News will miss nothing.

Our next generation technology keeps PNI News one step ahead.

You can watch PNI; hear PNI, not just on your TV and radio, but on your smart phones.

There are over 450 million smart phones with internet connection in India. They can access PNI broadcast.

 Traditional media like Television reaches approximately 575 million people every day across the country.  Print that reaches 282 million individuals, radio reaches 110 million. PNI serves all these media formats. This means through PNI you can reach tour desired segment of the population with ease.

 In short, PNI News is the most suitable medium to reach the public anywhere. PNI News is also the most suitable agency for those who are in need of instant information and latest updates.